Friday, December 14, 2012

FFOT: urgh...

My son's absolute inability to sleep past seven a.m., no matter how late I permit him to stay up, can FTFO.  So can his inclinations to go looking for his sister, and wake her up for company. 

I was awakened this morning by the wails of a strongly unhappy little girl who really wasn't ready to wake up.  She's in the sleepy part of a growth spurt.  I bet that, if she could, wasn't asleep again, and had the terminology (and if Mama wouldn't wash her mouth out with soap), she'd tell her brother to FTFO.

I sympathize.  I wasn't ready to get up, either.


  1. I feel your pain, sleep is hard for me lately.

    1. Often, when I get really bad in the depression department, I spend a lot more of my time sleeping, and can't bring myself to eat.


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