Saturday, December 22, 2012

Random ramblings

It's been a long damn day.  I am so tired I can hardly see straight, and it's nearly two hours before the pixie's bedtime.  Nearly three until I can put the imp to bed. 

The kids got up quietly enough that I didn't wake up until I heard the pixie start squalling.  The imp had gotten her out of her room, and the two of them into the living room, where they'd gotten into stuff...then he'd pushed her off the couch.  I got up to the cats out of the back room via the open bathroom, nearly every light in the house on, the stereo on and CD player open with a DVD in it, and the pixie lying on the floor on her back, still crying, while the imp sat on the couch, leaning over and watching her. 

It's gone downhill from there.  The imp has been meaner than a snake today, the pixie has been clingy and whiny and didn't really want to eat. 

And we still had Christmas shopping to do.  With mean little boy and whiny little girl in tow.

At least it distracted them.

Okay, now for last week's goals:
1. Bathe the stinky puppy.

The pup has been washed.  She'll be washed again probably on Christmas day.  Because she's going to have to go to my mom's with us a couple days later, since it's going to be too fucking cold to leave her outside.
2. Finish clearing the table off in the kitchen; finish clearing the counter tops.  Install new, battery-operated LED light bars under cabinets for light to work by.
Mostly done: right now, most of what's covering the counters is prep for assembling Christmas baskets, and the table is two-thirds of the way cleared off.  The LED light bars are awesome--they work from a remote control light switch thing mounted behind my kitchen faucet.
3. Finish switching out the pixie's new dresser with her chest of drawers (which is now mine--and needs moved).

4. Get all of the clean clothes put away.
Done, and mostly done.  I still need to clear stuff away from in front of the dresser that's now Odysseus's, so that I can put his clothes away, and clear the rest of mine into my chest of drawers.

The "play with the kids" goal has been accomplished.  As much as I can, anyway.  I can't keep up with them, and when they're acting like they have today, I don't really want to have much to do with them.

I can't wait until the routine-breaking holiday is over.  I really hate that part of all of this.

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