Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sore throat remedy

For years, what I've been doing for a sore throat has been either Celestial Seasonings Lemon Zinger Tea* with a generous dollop of honey, or a tablespoon of RealLemon per eight ounces of hot water with a generous dollop of honey.  It's soothing, but doesn't really do much beyond that.

I found something that works better (for adults only). 

Take about 1 T RealLemon, 1 T honey, and 1 T honey whiskey, and mix it in a good-sized mug (11 or 12 oz).  Add hot water until the mug is full.  Stir.  Drink.

It works better than tea or lemon juice with either straight honey or straight honey whiskey.  You need both for it to work best.

Best thing?  The sore throat is not nearly as bad the next day, unlike the tea or lemon with honey or whiskey (where the sore throat is back, full force, as soon as you're done with your mug).  If I realize I'm catching a cold before it's really set in, the lemon/honey/honey whiskey blend will knock it out to the point where I don't get sick. 

Weird, huh?

*I'm looking for a replacement for Celestial Seasonings in all of the tea we drink.  I refuse to fund leftist hippie environmentalists. 


  1. Would you believe, my father used the mix as a cold remedy too!

    I prefer to attack a possible oncoming cold with doses of V-C--I take V-C daily and rarely get colds....

    1. Interesting...I prefer my remedy to the toddy recipe--less whiskey, and I don't have to keep lemons around. I'm really prone to kidney problems, so I try to limit how much alcohol I have at any given time. I don't usually have more than two tablespoons of hard liquor--though I might have a bit more Irish Cream in coffee or hot chocolate.

      Too much vitamin C and I wind up with problems of too much acidity. I eat a lot of fruit instead of taking vitamins.


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