Friday, December 7, 2012

FFOT: fear of food, food nannies, or whatever you want to call it

I recently bought a new small bag of decaf coffee.  It's some of the better flavored decaf I've ever had, so no complaints, there.

It's Churchill brand coffee, and the flavor is "sinless pastry."

Sinless.  Pastry.  Like eating a pastry, one with calories, is a sin.  Not just no, but fuck no.  It is not a fucking sin to eat a fucking treat once in a fucking while.  It isn't really a sin to eat boxes of them because a person doesn't know better, never grew past the "I'm a grownup, now, and can eat what I want, and nobody can tell me any different" stage, or because that's what they can afford for breakfast (have you seen the cost of basic, off-brand cereal, lately?). 

It's not a sin to eat.  Not even if a person weighs roughly half as much as a killer whale, and has to get around on a scooter. 

And I am so fucking sick of society trying to make me feel guilty for fucking enjoying my food.



    My other FTFO is related: people who want to make others feel guilty for enjoying Christmas, for enjoying the light displays, for getting gifts for their family. Either because someone somewhere is suffering, or because the person delivering the guilt does not celebrate himself.

    Some days I want to say, "Okay. Let's let the evangelistic atheists win. Let's take away every bit of Christmas from the public square." BUT - then everyone who celebrates should decorate their own private property (homes, churches, private businesses) totally how they see fit, and if someone complains, read the First Amendment to them.

    I know someone who bitches about how my (public) university has a Christmas tree up on its lawn and it's the Most Tiring Thing Ever to listen to them.

    1. Don't forget those who want to make you feel guilty about Christmas goodies (cookies, candies, egg nog, hot cocoa, etc.), partially because it's "unhealthy," and partially because it's "white man's traditions" or celebrating the birth of an imaginary friend.

      Another, related one, is aimed at those who "hate" the Christian holiday, but celebrate it anyway with the food and the gifts. If you reject part of it, you shouldn't be able to have any of it.

    2. I know people who think it's cool to mock the origins of Christmas while still having a tree, presents, etc.

      I don't go to those people's houses if I'm invited. I find some excuse.

      I just in general am tired of the meme that it's cool and fun to mock something that's deeply important to a certain "uncool" subset of the population. Mocking someone as uncool doesn't make you cool; it makes you a douchebag poser.

    3. Mocking someone as uncool doesn't just make one a douchebag poser, it means that they're deeply insecure that they're the ones that are uncool.

      As if being "cool" is important.

    4. Hell, I've been uncool since 1975, why start now?

    5. I've been around for four years less than that, but I've never been cool. I've never cared, either.

  2. Related to the original post: Gluttony is in the traditional list of Deadly Sins. However, I don't recall God tacking on a calorie count. One can be gluttonous on celery and carrots, too. It's just more difficult.

    1. Yeah, I know. I wrote about it a few years ago (it's linked up in the best posts page).

      However. In a lot of ways, the whole attempt to make people feel guilty for enjoying food at all is a manifestation of envy: "I can't feel good about enjoying food (if I can enjoy it at all), so I'll make everyone else miserable about it, too."

      Which is worse? Only harming yourself, or deliberately setting out to make others feel bad about something that doesn't hurt anyone else that they enjoy and you don't?