Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I suppose that does explain it...somewhat.

Just read a bit more about the thirteen and fourteen year old boys that shot and killed a woman in Pennsylvania.  Apparently, they'd been trying to bum a cigarette from her boyfriend, she walked up and not only told them no, told them to get a job and buy their own. 

One would think that would be an obvious solution.  One would be wrong.  The kids are pretty obviously mal-adjusted minorities that probably come from a home with only a mother, and have never had someone teach them right from wrong. 

They are not human.  By their actions, they are nothing but animals, and like similar beasts that have learned a taste for murder, they need to be locked up.  And their mothers need to be locked up for not teaching them how the rules that permit something resembling civilization to function work.  If not that, then the boys need to be put down like rabid animals or man eating predators are.

Personally, I think the latter would be a better solution.  The personality is pretty set by fourteen.  They're never going to become better people than what they currently are, especially not in modern society.

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