Sunday, December 2, 2012

Stayed up way too late...

I got to bed just a little bit before two in the morning.  The imp was up at ten after seven. 

I stayed up way too late, despite knowing that I wouldn't be able to sleep long enough this morning.  But Cold Days is just that good. 

I'm a bit more than half way through it.  I hope to finish it tonight.

On the bright side, the imp let me curl up on the couch with him and sleep for another hour and some change.  He sat pretty still, curled up behind my knees, and stayed very quiet--impressively so, for such a little boy--until the pixie woke up at 8:30. 

I'm waiting, now, for my coffee to get done, so I can think straight enough to get blog grading done.

And there's the tone that my wonderful coffee pot* uses to tell me that it's done.

*I managed to find this even more vastly reduced--I paid a bit under $80 for it.

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