Saturday, June 16, 2012

Yet another reason I'm homeschooling my kids

Listen.  I understand that the vast majority of parents are falling down on the job where "the talk" is concerned.  I get that.  I understand that it's better for teenagers to get factual information than to listen to their friends' odd ideas about what does and doesn't get someone pregnant.

I do not think a discussion of how oral and/or anal sex works is appropriate for eleven year old children.  I don't think eleven year old children need any discussion of how sex works at all, other than information to help them avoid being victimized by child predators. 

I absolutely think that a public school has no place having that discussion with a fifth grade assembly.  I will not permit my children to be subjected to treatment like that. 


  1. Eh. I was 11 when I got "the talk" from my mom, but it was more because she was concerned I was "developing" and would soon start menstruating and would be freaked out if I didn't know what it was. (I was 13 when it did happen, and I was still kinda freaked out, even if I knew what it was. At least I didn't go running to the school nurse...)

    She did explain "where babies come from" but I have to admit, my reaction at that age was "Ewww, she and dad did that TWICE?" (seeing as I had a brother).

    But yeah, the "other pathways" don't need to know about those; they'll find out soon enough.

  2. I was about eleven when I got the "this is how your body is starting to change" talk. The "once you get your period, you can get pregnant" talk.

    My background made the other...unnecessary.

    I don't want my children knowing that much about sexual activities beyond solo time until they're much older. Eleven is way too young for details, techniques, and possibilities beyond tab A in slot B.


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