Saturday, June 23, 2012

Random ramblings

The imp has gone two full days (today will make day 3, if he makes it) without having any accidents in his big-boy underwear.  I think we've finally turned a corner.  I never realized, on a gut level, how exciting it is when a little one gets mostly toilet trained.  Nor did I realize what a relief it would be. 

It's already cut our diaper budget in half, since he only wears them at night, now.  Instead of being $70/month for the two of them (thank God they're in the same size for logistics purposes), we're spending $35 on diapers, and about $28 every two months on Pull-Ups (that aren't needed any longer, except for nap time or long car trips).

The pixie is demonstrating a lot of signs of being ready to potty train, but...I've had her sitting on the potty chair, and she'll get up and squat to piddle on the floor.  I don't think she's quite got it, yet. 

She is really picking up in the speech department--she uses a lot of two word phrases, ones that she puts the words together, not rote-learned ones.  She makes definite requests for what she wants to eat, and eats really well.  She's starting to try to narrate her actions, or her brother's actions. 

I got both my textbooks revised (this makes the third "edition").  If anyone wants to see what my students are doing, shoot me an email, and I can send you a copy. 

I really hate the platform we use for our distance learning classes.  Blackboard sucks, and sucks in a bad way.  The version we have isn't compatible with the most recent internet browsers, doesn't support Chrome at all, and regularly FUBARs when we try to change our classes around to better serve our students.  Better yet, the university has to pay through the nose to upgrade to fix the issues. 

Writing is going pretty well--I've been playing with different ideas for ordering the stories in my gods anthology.  I think I may have a good idea: part one will be sort of interconnected short stories, part two will be a novella dealing with a bit of overarching plot, and part three will be interconnected short stories dealing with the aftermath of the main plot. 

The verdict in the Sandusky case is particularly satisfying for me.  I really feel a lot of sympathy for, and empathy with, his son: my male genetic donor did exactly the same thing that Sandusky did.  While he wasn't a big, division I university assistant coach, my male genetic donor was a good ol' boy pastor in a small town, was friends with half the cops and most of the judges, was on the bowling league, and volunteer coached little league, and sixth grade girls' basketball.  He didn't give a damn about the sex of the child.

He was never prosecuted, despite my sister and me (as well as a lot of other kids) telling what he was doing.  He was never investigated.  Most of us were never believed.  A good chunk of my family still doesn't believe my sister and me.

So yeah, Sandusky going to the pokey (may he have a cell-mate twice his size, twice his strength, and who thinks he's pretty) is particularly satisfying.  At least some pedo creeps get some of what they deserve.

To tell you the truth, he deserves to be buggered with a red-hot iron rod twice the size of his arsehole.  It was good enough for Edward II of England, after all...

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