Sunday, June 24, 2012

Save the taxpayers' money...

Take Sandusky off suicide watch.  If he kills himself, we don't have to deal with paying for appeals, medical care, or three hots and a cot.  We don't have to pay to prosecute someone in jail who deserves a public service award instead of an extended sentence for murdering a pervert.  And most of all, we don't have to worry about whether he'll ever be released to rape any more little boys.


  1. If he doesn't 'off himself' and does make it to prison, and, I mean a 'REAL' prison, not one of those 'country clubs'. I'm sure one of 'the boys' will take care of business. Child molesters have a short life-span. I guess 'the milk-of-human-kindness has soured in our stomachs, eh?

    1. I have plenty kindness in me--for children and animals. I have none for those who harm either.


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