Friday, June 8, 2012

Let's just turn this one around, shall we?

Let's see what the real agenda is.  According to an article by Dr. Helen Smith, she was sent a link to a study that presented a hypotheses, then structured a questionnaire that biased results to support the hypotheses without regarding true scientific method (and that's judging by the abstract to the study I read--not sure if the study is a free download, and won't pay for it if it isn't).  The study suggests that married men with stay-at-home wives somehow harm women who work outside the home.  Like the good doctor, I'm much more prone to mocking the stupidity inherent in the system.  It sure doesn't merit anything more.

Okay...let's just think about that for a moment.  How do men with stay-at-home wives harm women in the workplace, either through harming them personally, or through harming their chances of getting a promotion?  Could it be that breadwinner husbands harm the women they work with by giving them unrealistic expectations of the metrosexual weenies that they probably date?  Could they be harming their chances for promotion by being willing to work harder, longer hours, do more for better pay to support their families?  Could these breadwinner husbands be, I don't know, more ambitious because they have more than just themselves to provide for?

Could they be right that an organization made up of mostly females doesn't run smoothly? That's certainly been my experience, and I am a woman.  Women tend to have a really strict social pecking order, and are vicious in both establishing their place in it, and in defending their place.  Women hold grudges instead of punching each other in the nose, then going out for a beer.  Women are sneaky.  It's why I prefer working from home.

Could they be right that women bosses are (pardon the pun) a bitch to work for?  A lot of women who get into those positions are either sneakier and more vicious than their male counterparts, or got there on affirmative action promotions and shouldn't manage more than a phone and a desk.  A very, very few are actually good at running an organization.  Women are spectacular at multitasking, and at detail work.  Not so great at focusing in on the big picture.

And if I were the target of unwarranted sexual harassment disciplinary actions because someone overheard a joke between me and a buddy that had nothing to do with the woman who overheard and got her panties in a bunch or sex, I'd view women in the workplace negatively, too. 

Actually, that happened to a female friend of mine, and guess what?  She doesn't really like working with other women anymore, either.

The study suggested that a good solution would be to not hire married men whose wives are stay-at-home wives.

Wow...did they suggest that an entire segment of the female population deserves to suffer because of a choice they made to stay home and care for their home and family? That's really showing that whole dedication to validating the choices of all women, isn't it?

Maybe business ought to consider hiring only men with stay-at-home wives.  After all, by refusing to do so, they're harming more than just the selfish bitch that whines that she didn't get a promotion she wasn't willing to spend the time and effort to earn.


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