Sunday, June 17, 2012

The problem with racism

It's not Matt Drudge.  It's not even Gwenneth Paltrow, who used the same word in a public forum that the rap culture glorifies by their own use (but damn the rest of us as racists for using).

No.  It's not conservatives.  It's not the guy that said on the news that when blacks move into a neighborhood, the neighborhood goes ghetto (that was the simple truth).  It's not heroes like Bill Cosby, who are brave enough to articulate that the majority of the problems now faced by blacks are created by blacks.

It's niggers.  Not black people in general--the majority of the ones I've met might give lip service to pop culture, but don't have a whole lot in common with the culture itself--niggers in specific.

Being a nigger isn't limited to black people.  The bastard that lost his life last week when the father of the little girl he was about to rape caught him was a Mexican nigger by choice.  Flash mobs like the ones beating people up in Oregon, and stealing iPhones on Chicago subways are composed of niggers by choice.  The Occupy movement is mostly made up of white, middle class, spoiled children who are niggers by choice.

The other problem with racism is that the rest of us are told to shut up when we have the testicular fortitude to articulate the problem.

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