Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Who's projecting?

If I were projecting my sex life on my views of other people, everyone would be having fantastic sex.  No, I'm not socially conservative, for the most part, but I am politically and fiscally conservative.  (I guess that makes me more libertarian.)

Then again, I don't think most NAMBLA members are social, political, or fiscal conservatives.  Makes me wonder exactly who this person knows that has "crappy sex lives, or they have really forced, coerced, nasty, you know, children, animals, what-have-you, people that they won’t recognize legitimate citizen status for."


  1. This thread needs pictures. Maybe even video.

    You were talking about projecting your sex life, right?

    Oh, wait. There's more than one line...

    1. Don't think very many who read my blog would want details, and I don't want to cause heart attacks or strokes. We ain't exactly vanilla.


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