Thursday, June 28, 2012


And not just because of the extremely hot weather. 

I cannot believe that the SCOTUS upheld mandatory Medicaid.  Two things suggest themselves to me:

1.  It takes a lawyer to be able to misinterpret the Constitution--a remarkably clear and concise document which is supposed to limit what our government is legally allowed to do to us--badly enough to mistake that abortion of a law for anything close to "constitutional."

2.  John Roberts is not a constitutionally conservative justice.  He was the deciding vote on mandatory Medicaid.  A few days ago, he voted against Arizona, and for the administration's permissive policies toward illegal immigration.

Where Roberts is concerned, either the Left has something on him, or he is simply a traitor to his office. 

I am actually incandescently angry.  I am so angry about this that I can't actually express it.  I am going to have to bury myself in reading as far away from the news as I can get to calm down enough to write a FFOT post on this that's even close to coherent. 

Right now, I'm going to go tickle my daughter.  Baby giggles always help.


  1. Agree with you regarding being angry (I reckon we are not alone in that regard)
    The single biggest thing regarding obamacare that was apparently ignored is that it DOES NOT apply to everyone. After all, how many exemptions have ALREADY been granted? IF it was supposedly equitable it would apply to everyone equally - and that would also include CONgress and the 'supremes'. That it does not is ample proof that it is merely another gummint over-reach.

  2. The expansion of Medicaid will bankrupt at least some states. This is going to lead to ugly fights - do the states drain even more money from the taxpayers? Or do they cut funding to education? Or funding for things like road maintenance? In the short term, this is what scares me the most. Illinois and California will probably fall apart first but I'm sure there are many other states that will have major problems.

    They upheld the mandate that everyone has to buy insurance? Great. Watch for the next mandate that we all need to buy electric cars or some damn thing.

    1. At least Roberts had enough of his head far enough out of his ass to declare that the mandate wasn't a mandate but a tax.

  3. There is MANDATORY that wins over all MANDATORIES.


    1. Exactly. Anyone can get the care they need, regardless of any ability to pay, if they go to the emergency room.


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