Friday, June 15, 2012

Thanks, and Welcome

Thanks to Mohave Rat for poking that nice, blue follower button.  You're welcome to speak your mind on my blog--you've more than earned it.  Thank you for serving. 

Now...tell me what I can get you to drink: coffee, tea (hot or iced), lemonade, bourbon, scotch, or Irish whiskey?  There's home made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies in the kitchen, too.


  1. thank you for your hospitality! Be advised when referring to you on my blog I will call you by your pseudonym the first time. After that I will affectionatly refer to you as HH. Your blog will be linked correctly each time, however. I have been known to drink all of the above. thanks the rat

    1. Thanks, Rat--most people refer to me as either HH, or as Ms. H (it's actually Mrs., and I'm proud of that, but don't make a fuss).

      Welcome to my own little corner of crazy. It's mostly quiet, here, but can get loud sometimes.


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