Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Quantitative easing is part of the cause of our problems!  Someone needs to make that clear to the stupid, arrogant, self-absorbed, Keynesian-fellating, top-down model worshipping socialist douchenozzles in Washington, DC.  Preferably with a heavy, steel clue-bat, sometime before they spit-roast us with it again.

Want to fix those "slow" numbers?  Convince the twatwaffles in Congress to...

...cut corporate tax rates to 0%.

...cut capital gains tax rates to 0%.

...lower the top bracket on income tax at least, or better, set up a flat rate 15% with the first $40,000 per household exempt from taxation.

...repeal Obamacare.

...reduce regulations on creating new businesses.

If the first item on my list was done, they'd be shocked at how quickly new large businesses moved back into the US, creating an explosion of new jobs.  The second and third would encourage a lot more spending on a household level.  The last two would encourage people to become their own bosses.

QE III is going to make each dollar worth less and make everything cost more, which will lead to... drum roll, please... even worse numbers within six months.

Oh, wait... the next election is in about four months. 


  1. Kinda like when they raise minumum wage. All the folks making it start calculating what they'll buy with more money, then are shocked when everything is more expensive. Causation is lost on these people.

    1. Not just causation, but the difference between that and correlation, too.

  2. Well someone is fired up tonight.

    1. Interesting.....

      2 posts this am......



    2. Rob--aren't you? This affect you more than it does me: you live in one of the most expensive states, and I live in one of the least.

      OCM--yep, government's stupid.

  3. You get my vote for president.


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