Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sick cat

She scared the crap out of me, earlier today.  She got up and moseyed into the back room, like she tends to do when she retreats from the kids (she is starting to tolerate them.  A little.  Grudgingly.).  I didn't think anything of it. 

A couple of hours later, I went back to grab a DVD for a friend, and she kind of "mew"s weakly from her pet taxi.  I went over and looked in at her, and she's just laying there, limp.  She didn't really even lift her head, kind of shifted around to look at me.

Yeah, she's at the emergency vet's right now.  They said she was very cold (she was laying in a puddle of some kind of bodily fluid in her pet taxi), blood sugar was very low, and her white cell count was high.   They've got her on a heat pad under a heat lamp , and are pushing glucose and antibiotics. I just checked on her, and the vet's assistant said she lifted her head to look up. 

Here's hoping she's going to be okay.

What do I care if you're dropping stitches?  I'm sleeping on your project.


  1. My 5 cats are praying for her quick recovery.

    (She looks just like my THOMAS!)

    1. Thanks, Guy. She's better, now. The rest of us are grieving.


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