Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A true "affordable care act."

PJ Media's Dr. Peter Weiss has it nailed, except for, perhaps, the last provision.


  1. Yeah, I don't think I'd want a doctor who had a "free" medical education. It's just like all those folks who have the free high school education.

    Q. What do you call the guy who graduated with the lowest GPA in Medical School?

    A. Doctor.

  2. I agree as well. I tend to believe that one of the reasons a lot of college students don't value their education and are willing to slack off is that it's "free" to them - taxpayer paid, mommy-and-daddy paid, or something similar.

    I also like the idea he proposes of allowing "major medical only" for otherwise healthy people. I don't mind paying out of pocket for my annual checkups; I can budget for those. But if I come down with cancer, or fall down the stairs and break a leg...yeah, I'd want that covered.

    1. We have "major medical." It costs us about $360/month for all four of us.

      It'd cost half that if the stupid busybodies would stop requiring everything to be covered. Annual testing would cost less, too. So would general wellness visits.

      I chose to not have maternity coverage; Missouri is looking to add that to the "mandatory coverage" list, which will likely increase our insurance bill by $100/month or more.

      I may be paranoid, but it really seems to me that all the "this must be covered! for everybody!" mandates are added not to protect those who are obviously too stupid to choose for themselves what they need, but to drive the price up for all and force us all to rely on federal insurance (i.e., Mandatory Medicaid).


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