Sunday, June 24, 2012

If all you have is a hammer...

It's no surprise so many researchers in the humanities have a screw loose.  They start with an assumption, not a question, shape their study to prove their assumption, and disregard any evidence that doesn't prop their ideas up.  They flatter themselves that they're conducting real research, according to the scientific method, when all they're really doing is participating in a left-leaning progressivist circle-jerk.

This most recent study I'm talking about--the one that suggests that Christians are more likely to be criminals--kind of put the last stroke of paint on the sign that not all is not right in the humanities' research methods. 

There's a problem with their hypothesis assumption, though: they start from the assumption that the majority of crime is committed by people who think they'll go to heaven--mostly Christians that believe in a loving and merciful God.

God is loving, but He is not merciful.  That falls to His Son.  And His Son disavows so-called Christians who talk the talk, but don't try to walk the walk. 

Anyone who reads the Bible knows that

I am not a good person.  I try to be a little better than what I know I am--and yes, that means I do avoid criminal behavior--and ask for help and forgiveness for the rest.  I don't do what I want, when I want, and decide that God will forgive me in the end just because I believe in His Son.

I suppose that's one of the reasons I can't quite find a good fit in church homes.  They're either too "everyone is going to hell if they don't go to our church" hypocritical, or too "God loves you, so do what you want and it doesn't matter because you're perfect" mushy permissive.  Neither is right. 

It's not the church that matters.  What matters is the individual's relationship with God, and their attempts to do Him proud.


  1. who you trying to convince?

    1. Nobody. This is just me bitching and blowing off steam, countering bullshit with my own beliefs. If somebody has their mind changed, fine--but that's not why I was writing in the first place, so it's also fine if nobody changes their minds.


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