Thursday, June 21, 2012


Racism has really switched around--it's not the blacks suffering for it anymore, not primarily. 

It's whites. 

You see so much black-on-white violence...oh, wait.  I forgot.  That's not typically reported on, or at least not in such a way that it's obvious that the victim is white, like on the bus in Philadelphia

Universities have been in on it for a good while, now.  Through propaganda and diversity training, they're trying to make students ashamed of themselves for nothing more than being the wrong color--in this case, white. 

It's a grand thing that people tend not to look at the color of someone's skin before making a judgement.  I have never paid attention--unless it's a particularly aesthetically pleasing shade--to skin tone.  What I do pay attention to is the way any individual acts and reacts toward those around them.  You know, "the content of their character," to quote a minister famous for fighting racism.

The current trends are nothing but aiming the prejudice the opposite direction.  It has nothing to do with justice.


  1. insert any racists comment here.

    1. I suspect calling the fat bitch in the neon pink shirt on the bus in Philadelphia a criminal would be read as racist. Doesn't make it any less true.


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