Thursday, June 21, 2012

Yet again, HOAs define themselves as joyless fascists

This time, it's in Denver: a neighborhood has passed a "temporary" ban on toddlers drawing on the sidewalks with sidewalk chalk.  Something about hearts and flowers in soft pastels offends the individuals on the HOA board.  I don't know, maybe the geniuses involved in passing the "temporary" ban thinks that drawing ponies on the sidewalk in chalk that will vanish the next time somebody's sprinkler timer decides to water their grass will lead directly to gang-style tagging vandalism in their cookie-cutter neighborhood.

Somebody needs to explain the difference between sidewalk chalk and spray paint.  Hopefully by introducing samples of both into their sinus cavities.


  1. Good on mom for letting the little girl draw anyway. If it were me, I would be on the front porch, with a rifle and a sign that says, "What're you gonna do about it?"


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