Friday, June 22, 2012

FFOT: #@$%*^&!!!!

I read a story linked from TinCan Assassin's blog on Monday.  It's taken me this long for the shock to wear off, and to get past the incoherent, gibbering rage it caused. 

Seems a WWII hero recently lost his wife to cancer.  They fought it, but ultimately lost.  She's buried next to their home, and he was planning to join her when he passed, but something happened.  The medical bills had spiraled so high that he wasn't able to pay them, and declared bankruptcy. 

They want to take his house, because he didn't list his retirement fund (a collection of gold and silver coins) in his assets.  He didn't understand the explanations of what he was supposed to do, and now they want to force him to exhume his wife and go die in a ditch.

To heap more trouble on this poor old man's head, he's got prostate cancer, and likely won't live much longer, anyway.

To the lawyers trying to take this old man's home and life: You fucking slimy fucking extrusions from a fucking politician's soiled and diseased nether regions.  How fucking dare you fucking destroy what's left of this man's life.  How fucking dare you fucking try to fucking force this hero from the home he fucking fought for?  Every lawyer in this case--including the veteran's lawyers who fell down on their job protecting him and his rights--can fuck off so hard that eighteen generations in both directions feel violated.  They can all fuck off with a cricket bat coated in broken glass and rusty barbed wire, then soaked in hydrochloric acid. 

May every acquaintance in your life find out about your spiritual halitosis and abandon you right when you need them most.  May you lose your job, your home, and your family over this despicable fucking attempt.  May you contract brain rot, crotch rot, and die a slow, painful death. 

And may you all be deported to communist China to learn exactly why you should be kissing that man's feet instead of trying to exhume his wife and steal his home.


  1. I think you went easy on them, personally.

    1. You're probably right, but that was as coherent as I felt.

    2. remind me to never make you mad. the rat

    3. Making her mad can be amusing. I just don't want her mad at me...

    4. And you guys have even seen what she can do at a distance with a .308 Mauser.(hint it involves 13 shots in one hole)

    5. It was only 50 yards, from a bench rest, and a 1" bulls-eye.

      It did rip a big chunk out of the recycled tire backboard the target was stapled to, though. Dug a pretty good hole in the berm, too.


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