Friday, June 8, 2012

FFOT: Is it Friday again?

Bozos who let their over-excited 11 year old son wave what sounded like a 9mm around can FTFO.  That kind of "teaching" is going to get somebody hurt, and make gun-owners look bad as parents.

The media can FTFO.  For the same reasons as always.

Google can FTFO for celebrating the anniversary of the first drive-in movie theater instead of the more important anniversary: D-Day.

Nursemaid's elbow can definitely FTFO.  Again.  It's hard when you've accidentally harmed your little one in the course of keeping her from harming herself worse.  It's even harder when you have to hurt your little one trying to put the dislocation back in place, and can't.  (It took the doctor three tries to get it.)  So yeah, nursemaid's elbow can FTFO.  With knobs.  And cheez.


  1. Once again (and forever) entitlement mentalities can FTFO.

    I see too many people who worked really hard to get where they are to believe in the "impossibility" of achievement and that people should just be given stuff.

    Entitlement mentalities can especially FTFO when one student is expressing how entitled they are in front of another student that I know is working their ass off to be able to afford school and succeed.


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