Friday, June 22, 2012


Scenes from the war that we should have won, were it not for the bastards in congress, the snot-nosed college kids, and traitorous bimbos. 

To each and every veteran who served the country in times of conflict...thank you.  To all that served in Vietnam in particular...thank you.  Have a drink on me.


  1. Quite a summary in those photos. We wasted 6,800 lives the year I was there. As I sat in Ahn Khe, Kerry was sitting in Detroit with his "Winter Soldiers" event. Traitor remains in office today, a complete disgrace to everyone who has ever served. Thanks for the link Ms. H.

    1. It's the absolute least I could do, Bill. Well, that, and shake the hand of everyone I meet wearing a Vietnam veteran ball cap.

  2. @eiaftinfo: Welcome Home. Years too late, but welcome home.

  3. TinCan - Thank you, I appreciate it. Honestly, I was blessed with a family that welcomed me home, a future wife that accepted my proposal and a community that came to my mom's welcome home party for me at the VFW. Actually, the vast majority of Vietnam vets came home with their head firmly attached. That's not what the MSM or hollywood wanted - hense Rambo and all the crap stories.

    But, again, thanks for the welcome home - it was, and is, nice to be here.


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