Thursday, June 21, 2012

If we needed any illustration of anti-intellectual bias...

...this does it all.  Obviously, this student is fully aware that school isn't preparing him for university, and wanted to try to compensate for that.  Great idea, huh?

Unfortunately, his school administration didn't agree--to the point of calling the police to have him removed from the library, refusing to let him study.  Called him "obsessed" with studying.

Maybe if they just, I don't know, did their freakin' jobs, this kid wouldn't have been feeling so horribly underprepared that he made a noisy nuisance of himself.  And maybe if they had the right attitude, they'd have been more supportive of his drive to learn.

Administrators like that crush the curiosity that make kids want to learn, and perpetuate the attitude that there's something wrong with you if you like to study and learn.  Administrators like that make my job as a college teacher more difficult.

Nota bene: in Brit-speak, "revise" simply means to study something.  It doesn't mean to re-do an assignment for a better grade like it does in the U.S.

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