Thursday, June 7, 2012

Worried about drug-resistant STDs?

Apparently, we're all supposed to be terrified of them--I mean, who wouldn't be scared of a strain of gonorrhea that seems to be immune to all families of antibiotics ever used to treat it, and makes itself more difficult to catch by being less painful?

So...we're supposed to be scared we're all going to catch a virus/infection that's so difficult to contract that you can only get it through a certain, specific type of social contact.  Well.  That's just special.

Here's an idea: don't sleep around with random strangers.  Don't sleep around with people you know well.  Don't.  Sleep.  Around. 

And for those who aren't interested in being a responsible adult and keeping it in their pants...there's also a nifty invention called condoms.  About the only thing that doesn't prevent is HPV, which you get from skin contact.

But, of course, that first option (keep it in your pants) isn't mentioned in the article, and the second (condom use) isn't mentioned until the very end.  The whole point was that we are all supposed to be terrified that we're going to catch some nasty, drug resistant sexual disease.

Except...I'm not.  I don't subscribe to the whole casual sex culture.  I'm married to my best friend, and to the only man I'm attracted to.  Yeah, there's eye candy out there, but so much of it is dumb, or has spiritual halitosis so bad that it kills even the eye candy factor.


  1. Once again, it comes down to personal responsibility.

    I wonder what laws the people who would ban larger-than-16-ounce sodas will try to come up with to protect people who can't keep it in their pants from themselves. Or is free anonymous sex too much of a human right now to even suggest that people might want to use a little self-control?

    Years and years ago, I read a satirical essay about a culture where sex and nudity were just fine, but eating was a major taboo. These days, it seems like we're heading in that direction.

    1. Ricki, I think the sex is a "human right"--or maybe another one of those "well, it's a natural urge and will happen whether we approve or not, and people can't control their urges" things.

      Though why we're expected to control one craving (tasty stuff) and not another is beyond me.


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