Sunday, June 10, 2012

Update on cat

Our beloved kitty had to be put down this morning.  The vet told us that she wasn't responding to aggressive treatment, and that she likely had a tumor on her pancreas, or something like that causing her to be unable to regulate her blood sugar or body temperature. 

We moved to northern Kansas in 2003.  In August, we moved into an apartment that let us pay a deposit and get a cat.  So, we went to the Humane Society, and visited with three kitties.  The first one hid her face in the corner and wouldn't look at us.  The second backed into the corner and growled at us.  The third explored the visiting room a bit, played with the toys a bit, then climbed in my lap and started to purr. 

She came home with us.  And she moved from northeastern Kansas to southwestern Missouri with us.  And moved from a rental house to our house less than a year later.  She complained with each and every trip, but never lost control of her bowels or stomach. 

A couple of years after that, we brought the imp home.  We set his carrier down on the floor so that she could meet her new housemate.  She crept up real close, just as he was waking up in need of his acid blocker.  Just as she leaned in to get a good sniff, he opened his eyes and screamed in her face.  She scooted backwards so fast that she left a whisker in his lap. 

It took her two weeks to even be willing to peek into his room.  Another month after that, she started creeping in to explore the edges of his room.  It took until he was six months old for her to even sort of accept him, and then he started to crawl.  Then pull up.

She taught him to be very gentle with animals.  He had to be if he wanted to be allowed to pet her at all.  She taught the pixie the same lesson. 

I'm going to miss her so much.  She's not the first cat I've ever had, but she was the first cat I've ever had in the house. 


  1. Sorry to hear the news Ms. H. We've been there as well, holding the last - Butterball - until his final breath. There's still an empty spot for him though we were adopted about a year later by Ms. Daisy. Glad she found such a happy and loving home, sounds like she received as much as she gave.

  2. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your cat. The Queen and I are animal lovers and cats have a special place in our hearts. Know that your are not alone.

  3. Thanks, guys. There will be an empty spot shaped like Binx for a long time. The kids are just noticing and starting to ask about her.

  4. I'm so sorry. Even when you know it needs to be done, it's never easy.

  5. Sorry for your loss. We have always had cats. We now have 3. We had 2 when we moved here 5 yrs old. The girls got old and died. We all cried and then oldest daughter found a kitten that was too small to have been taken way from its mom. We had to bottle feed him. It was like having a new born baby again. Our boys are so spoiled, they rule the house. hugs to you. Spooky is orange my buddy, Shadow is a dark gray, and Bandit is mixed gray/black. Can you guess why we named the last one Bandit?? Trouble maker, he likes to pounce on the other 2.

  6. Cats always rest in peace.......


  7. Sorry for your loss, it is never easy to reach that decision. But, I fully believe we will all meet again.

  8. I'm so sorry. Our dogs and cats are also getting on in years, and I dread the day one of them needs to be let go.


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