Thursday, June 14, 2012

Lots to do

Did you know students aren't able to follow numbered step-by-step instructions without pictures?  Because of that little disability, I need to revise my textbooks.  I'd be tempted to ignore the problem, but I keep running up against it and having to give the same instructions, over and over and over again.

I've been helping a colleague update his classes for fall, and the stupid distance learning platform keeps freezing up.  I got about two thirds of the way done, and now it won't let me scroll through the grade book and fix the display the way my colleague wants it.  I hate that platform, but it's the best one out there to work with.  Much like the form of government the Founders set up for us.

I'm also working on housework I'd let slip again, first while I was sick, then the kids, then the loss of the cat.  I still miss her terribly, especially in the evenings after the kids are in bed, when she'd creep out of hiding and come curl around my hip while I wrote or did work for class.  "Laundry" is the word of the week for me.

Last, but not least, I still have two stories on the burner for this week.  After that's done, I'm just going to go down my list of stories I have basic plots for, and get that second anthology/novel/thing (I don't know what to call it, since it's a combination of the two) done.  I really want it done before classes start up again in August. 

As for the finished's still pending.  I'd've gotten my finished work set up on Kindle and Create Space, but I don't have the file for the cover art, yet.  My friend has a good idea of what to do for me, now, but she's got a real job, and a sort-of fiance that is kind of a second full-time job.  

My in-laws called, this morning.  Their oldest granddaughter and second great-grandson just left for home, and they want a visit from their grand-imp.  Since Odysseus is working tomorrow and Saturday, it'll lessen my workload a bit, and give me earlier evenings, since the pixie goes down for the night around seven or seven-thirty. 

Gotta go put the load in the washer into the dryer, and start another one.  I'll see what I can find in the news to snark about later.


  1. It alarms me, the degree to which students majoring in my field (that is: are planning to become doctors, dentists, researchers, etc.) are unable to follow simple written directions.

    I'm wondering if learning to cook as a child (as I did) and follow the directions in a cookbook (so your cake didn't go flooey or something) might be a way of preventing this from happening.

    I don't know. But it's aggravating to have eight people all asking you "So what do we do next?" when it's written out right there for them in the lab book.

    1. Yeah, that isn't a comfortable thought. I think I'd probably be going off on students each semester, and refusing to answer questions that are answered in the lab manuals.

      English and writing, while important, aren't as critical.

  2. Next text book: The Amazing Shakespeare! Comic Book. See William shoot barbed quills at the enemies of good composition! Don't be that guy! See him blot out evil with the Ink of Justice!

    1. Don't laugh too loud--many of the classics are being turned into comic books. Romeo and Juliet have already had the treatment.


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