Monday, November 5, 2012

I can't put it better.

I still read a lot of edu-blogging.  As a teacher, it kind of pays off to see what other people (parents, and employers, in particular) are saying about education, higher education, and spending.  And, often, what other teachers are saying about trends. 

I've been teaching for nine years, now.  I've taught the same classes and same papers (for the most part) for all of that time, merely adjusting my methods to fit a specific class's personality better.  I've noticed a distinct drop in student quality, year by year.  I've blamed lots of different things, but technology hasn't been one of them, really.

I guess it should have been.

I just read an interesting post on Joanne Jacobs's site, where she writes about it.  I can't put it better than she did, so go read what she wrote


  1. yeah, yeah, i marked boring - since there's no "ironically bored and seriously terrified" box to check. You might have seen what TV star Tony Danza has been up to lately... I highly recommend the C-SPAN talk he gave on his time teaching H.S. Not jokin' - you seem like you would be rivetted.

    1. It isn't just high school--it's parents, and how they're letting their kids watch so much television; buying the newest, loudest, and easiest to play with electronic toys; and not spending enough time teaching their kids how to sit quietly and pay attention.

      I'm trying to do differently with my kids.

      I'll see if I can't find the C-SPAN talk you referred to. It might be interesting.