Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thanks, and welcome... JD Rush for hitting that blue button and following my blog.  Sit down, and put your feet up.  Let me know what you'd like to drink.  I've got bourbon, scotch, Irish whiskey, a teeny bottle of Jack Daniels honey whiskey, and a bottle of Evan Williams honey whiskey.  And coffee, and cocoa, and Irish Cream (plain or pumpkin spice).  Sorry, I'm fresh out of cookies--need to make more of those. 

Oh, and if you drop by tomorrow?  Feel free to vent your spleen on the FFOT (Friday F**k Off Thread). 


  1. Thanks for the welcome. I've actually been following you for a while, but blogger didn't register it. Then, blogger pared my followed blogs list.

    1. (And I clicked publish too soon.) So I have been trying to remember all the blogs I lost.

    2. Blogger's been a real pain, lately. I never had any issues with them until they decided they just had to "upgrade" their dashboard.

    3. And welcome, regardless of when you joined up.