Friday, November 30, 2012

FFOT: Isn't abortion bad enough?

Do they have to starve sick babies to death in the hospitals, too? 

Before anyone starts protesting that that's in Britain, just remember that they have what we will have within five to ten years: complete and total mandatory Medicaid. 

I'd say that the people responsible for such policies have spiritual halitosis resembling disease-rotted queef-stench with a hint of decayed ejaculate, but I am firmly convinced that the monsters that conceived of such a heartless program do not have enough of a soul to be able suffer from such. 

I am beyond angry, and well into numb, horrified, and grieving. 

I'm glad my son was born four years ago, and didn't risk being medically murdered in the NICU while I watched.


  1. The whole idea that Sandra Fluke could be Time's "person of the year" can FTFO. (And for that matter, the idea of a largely irrelevant mag picking a "person of the year" - now, it's essentially a "Hot or Not" version of the Nobel Peace Prize).

    But to nominate her: a professional whiner, someone claiming entitlements to something she could most likely pay for...someone who is on track for a career where she could well become part of that detested 1%....well, on the one hand I guess it's indicative of what our society has become (and our society can heartily FTFO for that) but on the other hand it makes me extremely sad to think how small our aspirations are.

    Free birth control pills. That's what we're figuratively living and dying over now. I am sure many of my suffragette ancestors are turning over in their graves, and very possibly their shades are regretting having championed a cause that seems to have led a large percentage of the voting populace to choose a leader based on what he can provide for their reproductive systems.

    1. You nailed it. Also: the slut culture that radical feminism embraces (and which damages the spirits and psyches of young women) can FTFO. I am so sick of seeing cleavage, plumbers' crack, and the bottoms of butt cheeks all at the same time. Girls: put some clothes on. That's not the profession you want to be advertising for. And especially not on campus, during class time.

    2. Yup, there's that, too.

      I will confess to having surreptitiously cranked up the A/C in some of the classrooms where I teach (or turned down the heat in winter) to - ahem - discourage the showing of cleavage. Because if I as a straight woman find the boobie show distracting, I can't imagine what it's like for the 20-something heterosexual guys in the class.

      Usually after a couple days of a chilly room, the women show up with sweatshirts and jeans, instead of camisole tops and hot pants.

    3. I've never had control of my classroom's temperature, but I can see how that would work.