Sunday, November 25, 2012

...kinda the point, in my opinion...

I think Crown Prince Charles would make a fucking lousy king.  His mother has done too much dabbling in his life, and completely ruined the potential he showed. 

She knows it, too. 

So, today, I ran across a story where Charles is whinging about how he's running out of time to be king.  How he's already been waiting for so long to start the job for which he's spent his entire life training that he's afraid he's going to die before ascending the throne.

I'm half convinced that that's the point.  Queen Elizabeth II is waiting until her son dies, so that her grandson William can follow her reign. 

I wouldn't be surprised if, just as she's on her death bed, she orders Charles poisoned. 


  1. I'm impressed with Charles in that he's the first "prince of Wales" to actually learn the Welsh language since the title was created in the 13th century.

    1. Yeah, BUT...he is divorced, and married to a divorce, with whom he'd had an ongoing affair while he was married. He no more deserves the throne than did Edward VIII, with Wallis Simpson.