Saturday, November 10, 2012

random ramblings

The imp ran up to me yesterday, and threw his arms around the bottom of my ribcage.  So, of course, I hugged him back, and bent down a little to kiss the top of his head.  And then he shoved his face between my boobs, and shook his head--basically, he motor-boated me.  And in so doing, showed me that he's grown about an inch and a half in the past two weeks. 

Why, oh, why did he have to have his growth spurt so long after his birthday (and the doctor visit where his height and weight were measured)?

The pixie is sprouting up quickly, too. The top of her head almost reaches my waist, now.  Her second birthday is in about three weeks. 

The pup has preferred staying outside in a small pen over staying inside for the past two or so weeks.  Sadly, this seems to have set back her house training.  We're talking about getting her a large kennel cage to put in the back yard, complete with a dog house, for when we're visiting family.

I've got grading to do, later--blogs, and at least one discussion board assignment.  I've got another load of papers coming in on Monday, too, but only about twelve or so.  My Comp I class, which started at twenty-two, has shrunk by almost half.  The Comp II class has lost about seven students. 

Somehow, I cannot bring myself to care.  That's just that many fewer demands on my time and energy.

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