Monday, November 19, 2012

News flash: person who couldn't swim drowned when thrown into deep water!

Seriously.  Our government looked at Canada and Britain, at their health care system, and their doctor shortages, and thought, "Yeah, baby.  That's just what we need over here."  The media, enamored by the idea of a single-payer system where no one has to pay for their own treatment (but everyone has to pay the taxes that pay for everyone's treatment), not only overlooked, but tried to bury the information that our system isn't going to be any different: expensive, cumbersome, inefficient, and deadly to those who need it most.

Those who wanted Obamacare went further than just trying to bury the facts: they openly mocked those who tried to make clear what the nation was getting into.  And they threatened those who were openly against it in congress. 

Still, almost 70% of the American people polled said that they didn't want it, or anything like it. 

We've had that violation rammed up our collective national ass, regardless.

And now, the media has the chutzpah to be shocked, shocked, that a hospital system is instituting mass layoffs in preparation for the massive jump in costs that they're facing. 

Has anyone ever seen what happens amongst those on Medicaid?  How they treat doctors and hospitals?  How they clog the emergency rooms because they don't want to pay for anything out of their own pockets (and have no clue--because they never see a bill--how much more an emergency room visit costs)? 

Now, think about how it's going to be when everyone is forced onto Medicaid by ever-increasing insurance premiums, insurance companies going out of business, and the only going concern is "single-payer" health insurance. 

And now, imagine that with about half the medical staff in hospitals. 

This is what we have to look forward to.


  1. Wow.

    I just got a mental picture of what our "collective national ass" looks like.

    Really didn't need that this early in the morning. On the other hand, the rest of my day will be better. Kinda like that "Kiss a frog in the morning" thing.