Sunday, November 25, 2012

I have to admit...

I'm kinda ambivalent on this one.  A couple found out their fifteen year old snuck her boyfriend in their house after everyone was asleep.  So, they made her stand out on the street with a hand-painted sign telling her neighborhood what she did.  The news story asks if the parents went too far. 

I'm honestly not sure.  If it makes the stupid teenager actually follow the rules, then great.  However, the sign isn't just about sneaking boys into the house at three in the morning, and kind of brings the couple's parenting skills into question. 

On the one hand, Jasmine was breaking rules laid down for her safety and the safety of those living in the house with her (parents, siblings). 

On the other...respect must be earnedDisrespect is often deserved.  And her mother has definitely earned her disrespect by being a total wimp, and making the step-dad the bad guy. 

What, was she afraid her daughter would be unhappy with her?  Was she afraid her teenage daughter would scream "I hate you!" and slam her bedroom door?  Newsflash, honey: that's a teenager.  Deal with it, and enforce your rules.  Let her know why the rules are there.  If you're worthy of respect, she will respect you. 

I don't know if the parents took it too far with the discipline in this particular case.  I can, however, unequivocally state that they haven't taken the discipline far enough in her early childhood if they're reduced to humiliating their fifteen year old daughter in public now. 

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