Thursday, November 29, 2012

Great idea!

I'm sure Mayor Bloomberg will love the idea of a $15/hour minimum wage for fast food workers!!  It will lead directly to those dangerous institutions of delicious, salty, fatty food that those stupid poor people eat too much of shutting their doors because they can't afford to stay in business!  Or else they'll have to get rid of their brilliant $1 menus, which is how a lot of homeless manage to make minimum daily caloric intake for basic maintenance.

The stupid fuckers walking out don't seem to realize that they've just quit their job, and likely won't find another at their skill level (nonexistent) in this economy.


  1. I don't get why so few seem to understand that mandating a higher "living wage" tends to lead to increases in the prices of things that that "living wage" needs to be spent food, medicine, housing.

    I suspect there are some people who won't rest until the whole damn country is unionized, and the fat-cat union leaders can just skim piles of money off all the workers' dues. And have a cozy relationship with politicians. And the hard-working folks wind up getting the shaft in many different ways.

    1. It's not just the unionized wanting everyone to be trapped in the same cess-pit, it's a bunch of children not understanding that the world isn't fair, never will be, and their efforts to make it fair are doing nothing but making it worse, then crying "It's not fair! It's not my fault! I was only trying to help! It's those evil people raising prices after we got you more money!"

      I would be willing to bet that the people involved in raising minimum wage has never had a job in management, much less in the running of a business, and the paying of bills.