Tuesday, November 20, 2012

And a Merry Bah-Humbug to you, too.

I don't like Pat Robertson.  I think he's a self-righteous prick. 

Sometimes, though, he can hit the nail right on the head, like he did with the whole mean-spirited atheist war on Christmas:
“Atheists don’t like our happiness. They don’t want you to be happy.  They want you to be miserable.  They’re miserable so they want you to be miserable.  So they want to steal your holiday away from you.”
I have never met a truly happy atheist.  I've spoken with a few who claimed to be, but they've always seemed less happy than they claimed.  Usually, they have good reason, but still.

And misery loves company.

I may not enjoy the season anymore, thanks to family and over-commercialization, but I really try hard not to ruin it for anyone else.  I wish others had the same courtesy.


  1. I often find myself coming to Robertson's defense, because nobody – and I mean nobody – is more carefully misrepresented in the news media than he is. (It doesn't help that he has no clue how to talk when reporters are waiting to pounce on him.)

    But here he needs no defense. He's spot-on. I'm gobsmacked at the arrogance of people who fancy themselves the intellectual superior of an Aquinas or an Anselm, merely because of their prowess at sneering.

    1. He always comes of sounding like a self-righteous prick--which I can't stand--but you're right about him being spot-on here.