Monday, November 5, 2012

Getting a little tired of the election cycle, too.

It's like the world has disappeared because it's the day before the Presidential election.  I'm so fucking tired of hearing the bullshit slung back and forth that I've been ignoring the news. 

Like this: the Toledo Blade has wondered if Romney would ban coffee, because he's Mormon. 

Okay, you stupid fuckers, remember this: Romney isn't a progressive.  He's not going to ban something just because he doesn't drink it.  He's not Bloomberg.  Nor is he Obama, who raised taxes on cigarettes, and urging people to quit smoking because it's bad for them, despite being a smoker himself.

The same article wondered if Black Liberation Theology (which is a political ideology, not a theology) would shape an Obama presidency. 

Listen very closely, idiots: it already has.  Because it's a political ideology, not a religious one. 

Or this: Chris Matthews (he of the tingle) is now accusing Romney of racism because of using Obama's words against him. 

Okay, Obama tells his followers that voting is the best revenge.  Romney says "Instead, I ask the American people to vote for love of country."  How is that racism?  Chris Matthews is being the racist by bringing up race where it isn't relevant, and by refusing to hold his crush to the same standards as the other candidate. 

Or this: Bill Maher is saying that there's gonna be violence by blacks against Romney voters should he win the election. 

First of all, duh.  Those stupid, racist fuckers riot at the drop of a word by their leaders, much like the ignorant sheep-fuckers over in the Middle East. 

Second, duh.  The Democritters are the sorest losers I've ever seen--and I'm including toddlers in that.

Third, as I've said before, bring it on.  We're willing and able to defend ourselves and our families.

I'm so sick of politics that, before this morning, I'd stopped even looking at the headlines.

I can't wait until February.


  1. Everybody just vote (or have voted) for Romney!!!!!

    1. I'll be more voting against Obama than for Romney.

  2. "Romney might ban coffee because he's a Mormon."

    That rates the biggest, "oh, FFS" I think I've ever thought in my life. And what a cheap shot and way to scare the stupid people. "Booga booga! He's coming for your caffeine!"

    I wasn't alive then but I wonder if there were similar levels of hysteria about Catholics when JFK was running.

    1. They're getting desperate. It's all I can think. When Obama draws 2800, and Romney 30,000, they've gotta be getting desperate. I can't think of any other explanation, good or bad.