Sunday, November 11, 2012

Our kittens are either entirely too trusting...

...or as dumb as a bag of hammers.  I hesitate to firmly state which is the case.

When there is a four year old--one tall enough to reach the knobs on the faucet--giggling and telling the kitty "Shadow, get out sink!  I need brush teeth!" you know the next item in the chain of events is going to result in a wet kitty butt. 

And it did.  Worse, it took her about half a minute to realize that her boy had, indeed, turned the water on, and her rear was actually getting wet.  She was in such disbelief that her boy would do that to her that she had to stick her nose into the water falling out of the faucet to confirm that it was, indeed, wet. 

It took her another five to get the brain cells rubbed together right to jump out of the sink.  And then, when he turned the water off, she got back in, starting the chain of events over again.

Sometimes, the things they do are funny enough to make an exhausted and exasperated parent laugh hard enough to forget that they beaned their little sister in the head with their brand-new Hot Wheels car, not four hours earlier.

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