Thursday, November 22, 2012


So, since unemployment is so high (and, I would assume, everyone is so badly unqualified to do the work needed), Baltimore has come up with a...unique...solution:

Baltimore’s City Hall is mulling a controversial new mandate that, if passed, would require any business with a city contract of "at least $300,000 or any project that gets a city subsidy of at least $5 million to hire Baltimore City residents for at least 51 percent of new jobs.”

So...this is going to be like something I witnessed while I was in grad school.  A student had a twin sister who applied for (and got) a job at a clothing chain at the mall.

Two weeks later, she was fired.  She was told that she was only hired because she fulfilled a diversity quota that the company had been checking the week before she was hired.  She was fired because they didn't need her to be a token black worker anymore, and she could barely run the register, couldn't count back change, and figuring how much something a certain percentage off would cost when asked by a customer.

How is Baltimore's requirement going to be any different?

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