Thursday, November 15, 2012


Denny's [CORRECTION: a franchise owner that owns forty Denny's restaurants, and a few others, all in Florida] is going to be making sure the average Joe knows exactly how much Obamacare is going to cost the businesses: the owner of the business is going to add a clearly-marked surcharge to customers' bills.

I surely wish we could do this with everything.  I suspect that all those wonderful government programs would quickly be suspended if people realized just how much of the costs is being carried by the businesses that they're targeting (none), and how much is on the customers (all of it). 

The sad part is that I can see this being treated like just another sales tax: griped about at first, then ignored.


  1. I predict that Denny's franchise owner get a few people boycotting him over being a "hater," but also that he gets a lot more folks coming in to support him.

    I like the idea, though. I'd like to see an itemized bill when I buy gasoline telling me how much of that is going to taxes.

    1. If more taxes were outed instead of hidden, we either might not have as many, or people would get jaded and accepting (even while griping).