Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Distinction without a difference.

Yeah, I'm never voting GOP again.  "We won't raise your taxes...just cap how much you get back of what we overcharged you."  "Of course we won't let illegals get away with breaking the law!  We'll just forgive  them!"

Uh-huh.  Basically, you're doing what the other party wants, just putting a different spin on it. 

Here's an idea for you: try listening to what your constituents are asking for (reduce layers of bureaucratic regulation strangling small businesses; act to propose the repeal of 0bamacare; lower taxes for every income class, or institute a flat tax of 13% for all incomes over $40,000/year; act to simplify and enforce the immigration laws we have on the books).  Then do your best to do it.


  1. yeah I've been thinking that if they are going to go along with raising my taxes and act like a democrat, then next time I might as well just vote for a democrat. Why vote for for a look alike when you can vote for the real deal.

    At least I know for sure what I am getting.

    1. If enough of us vote Libertarian, then the GOP will go the way of the Whigs, the Federalist party, and the Democratic-Republican party (specifically, it'll split, and the real, small government conservatives will flock to a new banner, with the rest becoming increasingly irrelevant).

      I won't vote Democrat until they run Cthulu.

    2. yeah, I said that stuff above in terms of snark, but I also feel the same about the Libertarians as I do the GOP and the Democraps.

      Some of those Libertarian guys scare me as much as the mainstream party folks do, plus you have many of the OWS crowd that you are suddenly in the same group with... no thanks.

      To me it's a no win situation all the way around. Sorry to be so pessimistic.

    3. Meh, legalize pot and the OWS crowd goes away to sit in Mom and Dad's basement.