Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Feeling fried...

I've been working on catching up grading blogs, again.  I didn't have a chance to the past couple of weeks, because of fighting with the templates for the classes I teach, and the templates for the classes a colleague teaches, on the distance learning platform, immediately followed by Odysseus hurting himself and Thanksgiving. 

I've got a lot to go, because I let the students that really needed to make up blog posts that they didn't get done earlier in the semester.

And now, this week, the last papers are coming in from both of my classes.  Yes, that's right: the last first draft I'll have to grade until February.  This week is week 15 in a 16 week semester.  Next week, I'll be grading revisions, and last blog posts.  Two weeks from tomorrow I will be turning in grades, and done for the semester.

It cannot come soon enough for me.  I'm tired of the whole shebang. 

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