Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I just now learned about a resource called Dropbox, for putting documents and files online to share (thanks, Senior).  Would anyone be interested to see my textbooks (and see just how bad my students are if they can't follow instructions)? 

(Think of it as a free version of my class--one that you don't have to be graded in.)

Update: New page up top contains the links for the textbooks.  Included are basics in how to compose a paper, how to use the online class platform (useless, unless you're actually taking the class), and a section on the assignments.  


  1. sUre i, would likes to sees them

    1. You're a goober. I just finished grading the ten papers that actually got turned in (two or three decent ones out of ten). I am going to post my books, then I'm going to go figure out dinner.