Monday, November 12, 2012

One thing we will NOT be doing...

We will not be moving to any large city. 

I wouldn't go jogging in our local parks on the west side of town (the run-down, poorer side) unarmed.  No way would I go jogging in any park in any city larger than the small one where we live (recently updated population signs put the city proper at 50,000; with another 25-30,000 in the outlying bedroom communities that are blending into the larger city).  Especially not Central Park where everyone but the criminals are disarmed by diktat of Saint Bloomberg.  If some teen thug wannabe rapist is going to grab my bits, he's pulling back a stump at least, and more likely gonna get dropped. 

I also would rather brave city traffic than ride a city bus.  Especially in a union-policy-run cockroach motel like Detroit.  I'm sorry, but I refuse to risk being shot for a bus hitting a bump, causing me to step on some thug's foot. 

So, yeah: I am absolutely not moving my family into a city.  No way, no how. 

Our next home is going to be outside of town, have room for a large garden, and probably room to raise meat rabbits and maybe a couple of milk cows. 

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