Thursday, November 15, 2012

Heh. Again.

Did you see that a major Obama campaign donor had to cut the size of his business?  The company is laying off almost a hundred people next month, and will be cutting over 1,100 jobs world-wide, solely because of a policy they helped fund:
One of the biggest medical device manufacturers in the world, Stryker will close their facility in Orchard Park, New York, eliminating 96 jobs in December.  Worse, they plan on countering the medical device tax in Obamacare by slashing 5% of their global workforce - an estimated 1,170 positions.
I feel sorry for the people about to lose their jobs.  I'd like to see Jon Stryker take a harder hit in the pocketbook than he's handing out to his workers, because stupid needs to hurt, and it's absolutely nothing less than stupid to vote for a man whose policies actively harm you, much less donate large amounts of money to his campaign. 

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