Friday, November 30, 2012

One very smart, the other...not so much.

Yesterday, our kittens demonstrated the difference in their intelligence in one of the funnier ways I've ever seen.  The black kitten (Shadow) caught a mouse in the kitchen, in full view of her black and white sister (Cricket).  They barreled through the living room, with Shadow in the lead, mouse firmly held in her mouth squeaking weakly, and into the hallway and into the imp's room.  A couple minutes later, Shadow came dashing back out into the living room, took a sharp turn, ran up the couch, across the bookcase next to the television, in front of the TV, and across the window, to hide on an upturned box blocking the puppy from getting into my stuff on the floor between my chair and my "desk." 

Cricket didn't see the sharp turn.  She bounced off one side of the gate, then bounced off the gate (which is why she didn't hear the noise Shadow made in her escape), then sprinted into the kitchen.  She searched the kitchen and back room while Shadow hid behind me (and apparently ate the mouse, since all I found were a couple of stray hairs and spots of blood).  She eventually came back through, just as Shadow casually jumped down, and wandered off. 

Cricket sat down, her head cocked, and kind of gave off the impression that she'd forgotten why she'd been chasing Shadow in the first place. 

Pretty much the way Shadow wanted it.


  1. Oh my gosh! I could see this happening among my parents' cats, too.

    A short attention span probably was in play, too. . .

    1. Cricket is...about average intelligence (and attention span) for a seven month old kitten. Shadow is very, very smart. I have watched her plan ahead for how she's going to trick Cricket, or the puppy. She actually walks out an escape route before she goes and picks a fight--chases Cricket through it, and either traps her, or runs her into something, or picks a good one to actually get away from the puppy. It depends on who she's going to go harass.