Thursday, November 22, 2012

Another thing I'm really thankful for...

We have mice.  A lot of mice. 

We have two kittens, both of which are part Siamese. 

Shadow has just been fixed, so she's staying (for the most part) in the hall bathroom with food, water, and a litter box.  When I went to check on her this morning, I found mouse remains.  She was just over two months old when we adopted her on Independence Day (9 weeks old).

Cricket was fixed last month, but is too big of a piece of squirrel bait to be permitted free run of the house while the kids are asleep--one of her favorite things to do is to run up door facings.  This morning, when I let her out of  the laundry room, she darted across the kitchen and immediately caught a mouse.  She spent half an hour playing with it before I took pity on it and took it outside to bash it on concrete and throw it in the street.   Cricket is one week older than Shadow. 

Both kittens are a little crazy, and Shadow is a lot smarter than Cricket (who has a greater proportion of Siamese blood, by her size and shape).  But I greatly enjoy the crazy, and the Siamese blood makes them terrific mousers.

So, I'm incredibly thankful that we managed to luck out with adopting two part-Siamese kittens when we brought those two crazy little fur balls home in July.


  1. I had a female Toy Fox Terrier years ago that loved to hang out in the kitchen and hunt mice. She caught several too! Which kept them, of course, from dying in the walls and stinking the place up.

    1. Our Scotty tries, but I think she'd be better suited to rats.