Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Full disclosure, here: I fall firmly on the breast side of the breastmilk/formula debate.  I do for several reasons: it's better for the kids (both kids are rarely sick, and never with tummy issues when teething isn't involved), it's better for me (hello, breast cancer chances cut with each child who nurses for at least a year?  faster baby weight loss?), it's cheaper (have you seen formula prices, lately?), and it's easier.

That said, I don't denigrate those who are unable to breastfeed.  Some simply can't--my cousin never had her milk come in at all.  Some have to go on medications that are harmful to the baby, and passed through breast milk (anti-convulsion drugs, and some antidepressants, for example).  Some find that they can't keep their milk supply up for whatever reason.  Some find their milk supply falling off when they have to go back to work to help support their families.

These women I have no issues with going to formula.  It's what's best for their babies.

Women who can breastfeed, but choose to feed their babies formula, on the other hand...yeah, I agree with judgybitch.  They are shit mothers.

She links to a story in a British paper, an opinion piece written by a sanctimonious feminist twat who whines about how the "breast is best" mafia is making her feel like a bad mother.  Dimbleby, the twatwaffle in question, gasps that toy makers and the "breastapo" are trying to brainwash little girls as young as two. She is horrified that little girls emulate their mothers with their baby dolls, and try to breastfeed them, and that toy makers are trying to capitalize on that.

I have a news flash for that particular dim bulb: LITTLE GIRLS DO WHAT THEY SEE THEIR MOMS DO.  My daughter doesn't have one of these fancy dolls, but pretends to breastfeed her babies, anyway.  She won't be two years old until next month.

And as for being made to feel guilty, maybe she should: "Moreover, I do not feel drained, put-upon and tied by the obligation of being the sole source of my baby’s nutrients."  She even cites an "expert" that recently published a book about how breastfeeding isn't what it's cracked up to be.  

The "expert" is a radical feminist:  Dr. Joan Wolf, Women's and Gender Studies professor.  This so-called "expert" is not likely to be able to get close enough to a man to even have a baby, much less make the choice to hand that baby off with a bottle of formula to someone else to raise while she goes off to do more research backed by her own assumptions.

I have never understood how any woman can justify not putting her child's well-being before her own.  And that is exactly what Dimbleby is doing.

Breast is best, if it is an option.  If a mother is physically capable of breastfeeding her baby and doesn't, then not only is she selfish, but stupid, too. 


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    1. About the only clever thing about that woman. And I don't think she came up with it.