Monday, November 26, 2012


A state spending $45,000 on a survey of something that's none of their business!  Who'd have thought  it?

The survey was allegedly aimed at finding out about women's needs for family planning services, but it asked some very personal questions, and sent a survey about sex to minors.  Some of the questions included
• How did you feel emotionally when you had unprotected sex — were you trying to get pregnant, were you in the “heat of the moment and just went with the flow,” or did you find the man attractive and “thought it would be nice to have a baby with him?” Did you feel “powerless”? Or was it that you “felt emotionally connected with your partner during sex”?

• How old were you when you first had sex? Last time you had sex with a man, did you do anything to keep from getting pregnant? If not, why not?

• Has a sexual partner ever “told you he would have a baby with someone else if you didn’t get pregnant?” “Physically forced you to have sex?” “Hurt you physically because you did not agree to get pregnant?”
I'll answer a lot of questions, and will talk frankly about sex.  I don't think I'd be willing to answer a state survey over the emotional aspect, and probably wouldn't talk about it to any but my closest female friends.

And absolutely not for a $10 gift card to anywhere.  I'm a lot higher priced than that.


  1. Why do I have visions of .gov workers reading these surveys and getting off to them? And then selling the plagiarized stories to Harlequin?