Thursday, February 14, 2013


I can understand where this gal was coming from, how she missed being pregnant.  She was told, explicitly, that she would never be able to have children because of a nasty case of necrotizing fasciitis that necessitated abdominal surgery.  Then, along with that, she had irregular cycles, and somehow managed not to really have a weight change. 

I can only imagine going to the hospital for a hernia, and finding out I was carrying a full-term ten-pound baby, and needed to have a C-section immediately.

I can only imagine her joy to find out that the doctors were wrong.  At least, the joy she's going to feel once the shock wears off.  If thirty-six weeks (my longest pregnancy) isn't long enough for it to feel real at first, fifteen hours definitely isn't.


  1. I know someone that happened to. She was of German stock and on the large side. She didn't notice the weight gain. She went into labor, at work as a waitress in the restaurant her family owned.

    1. Yeah. It happens. I don't quite know how, but I guess some babies don't kick as hard as others.

    2. Worse....

      I was good friends with a couple who were expecting a baby.

      The fetus was diagnosed with a strange autism problem and the effects can not be determined until birth....other than only a few babies are born alive.

      They elected to carry the baby until term.

      Their baby did not survive.

      A hellish 9 months.

    3. And is one of the few reasons I don't think abortion should be illegal to perform, just illegal to use as birth control.